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Melani Lewandowski - Eco-Spiritual Feng Shui Consultant
Melani Lewandowski, M.S., Feng Shui Master, is a bridge to the wisdom teachings of the East. A leader in the field of awareness methods and holistic environmental design, Melani works with individuals, families and organizations to create empowering heart-opening environments that stimulate personal and professional growth for one to be their potential. Her clients naturally experience deeper meaning in heart, home and life.

Melani draws from her prior corporate career in human resources, International Business and profit enhancement. She holds a B.S. in Information Systems and a M.S. in Management. And has extensive training with numerous masters in the mystical traditions of the East.

Those drawn to Melani's work have a strong commitment to spiritual growth and personal and professional achievement. Focused on their life's work as a contribution to making the world a better place for all.

Melani is committed to prayer and meditation, passionate about life as a spiritual journey. She enjoys learning new things, reading, travel, gardening, and foreign films.

Green ~ Wood is Growth, Leadership, Change

Experience Highlights

Three decades experience as an awareness methods and holistic design expert in Feng Shui, Geomancy and related disciplines. A pioneer and leader in holistic thinking.

Respected and widely acknowledged in the media for her inspiring, practical and effective approach appropriate for people from all walks of life.

Offered two of the first and foremost in-depth three-year traditional apprenticeship training programs in 'Meditational Feng Shui'. Certified twenty-two practitioners.

Received the "100 People to Watch 1996" designation by Business Philadelphia for business innovation and impact.

A much sought after speaker and teacher:
  • Omega Institute for Holistic Studies
  • International Feng Shui Conferences (I, II, III)
  • International ArtExpo - New York
  • University of Pennsylvania Museum
  • Temple University
  • Center For Conscious Living
  • Philadelphia Craft Show

The World

Understands personal and business needs from a career in human resources, coaching, management, profit enhancement and International Business.

Held various positions at Yale University, CIGNA, Equitable Life, Connecticut General and Doubleday.

Charitable work with The Easter Seals Foundation, Business Volunteers for the Arts and others.

Travelers on the Road

Training and Education

Traveled to China, Tibet, Hong Kong and Taiwan to study and directly experience the foundation of Eastern culture, spatial alignment and Feng Shui.

Studied Eastern thought and engaged in Dzogchen natural awareness meditation methods with Lama Surya Das through workshops and silent meditation retreats.Trained with other Spiritual Meditation Masters to cultivate methods for clarity in mind, body and spirit to bring into her own life and work.

Completed 2,000+ hours of training under the direct tutelage of Feng Shui Grandmaster Lin Yun from 1991-1993. One of the first Western women traditionally trained and acknowledged for her mastery by the late Lin Yun. Transitioned to Classical Feng Shui methods in the mid-nineties as part of her spiritual journey to offer more practical methods to the mainstream population.

Extensive training through contemplative practice and personal experience, essential components in traditional Eastern arts mastery.

Highly skilled at working compassionately with individuals to distinguish personal 'wants' and 'needs' in supporting one to discover and live their life purpose to its fullest.

Provides highly personalized eco-spiritual design insights and recommendations that are respectful of one's personal beliefs, design preferences and lifestyle. While having a strong personal belief and trust in God, her work is practical and spiritual but not of a religious nature. As one lives and works in environments in harmony with the laws of nature, one finds and can deepen their relationship with their Higher Power in an almost undescribable, extra-ordinary way.

B.S. Information Systems
Quinnipiac University
M.S. Management
Rensselaer ~ Hartford Graduate Center

Energy:  Growth, Leadership, Change, New Beginnings

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